Gattis to start tonight

Something to watch for tonight is the first chance for Braves fans to see the Braves’ 26 year old rookie, Evan Gattis, start at catcher. After suffering a knee injury in 2006 while at junior college, Gattis decided to quit playing baseball. He then went on a personal journey to find himself, working odd jobs and going through rehab along the way. After 4 years, he realized that he missed baseball. So he headed back to junior college, worked his way into the Braves’ farm system and made the team this year (aided by the injury to Brian McCann).  He is a big fellow at 6 foot 4 and 235 pounds. While playing winter ball in Venezuela, the fans started calling him “El Oso Blanco” or the white bear. He earned that name for his size but also because he was hitting the cover off the ball. He has a wide stance and, like Brooks Conrad, he is a raw dog (no batting gloves). He will probably strike out a few times but when he makes contact, look out!

I watched Arizona defeat the Cardinals on Monday. Martin Prado hit 2 doubles, had a RBI, and scored 2 runs. He was one of my favorite Braves so I wish him well, except when they play the Braves of course.

I also stayed up last night and saw Yu Darvish get within 1 out of pitching a perfect game against the Astros. Poor Houston, they are going to have a long, long year.

Sorry that I buried the lead in my article yesterday. I realize that I forgot to give the score. Braves win, 7-5!

Bobby Cox was at opening night and received a huge ovation from Braves fans.

I love that the Braves have added Dale Murphy to the TV booth to go with Chip and Joe. I don’t know if it is temporary or not, but I love me some Murph!

Tonight’s Game: Phillies @ Braves at 7:10 on FoxSportSouth. RH Roy Halladay vs LH Paul Maholm. There has been a lot of talk that Halladay has lost velocity and may be on the downhill slide. I will believe that when I see it; I feel like he is still going to be awfully tough.

Go Braves!


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