I’m Back

OK, I am officially back from an extended vacation. First, I was busy getting ready for vacation, then we actually went on our trip and finally I had to recover from the vacation! I have a new found respect for professional athletes and performers that travel from the east coast to the west coast and have to perform that night. We went to Los Angeles, so of course our trip had to include some baseball. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to give a mini review of our experience.

First up, Dodger Stadium. I was thrilled just to be there–it is such a historic park. We used public transportation via Union Station and then on to the Dodger Shuttle bus. That went very smoothly. I would describe the actual stadium as almost bare bones–by that I mean there just isn’t much going on beyond the baseball on the field. They don’t really incorporate music or anything else between innings. Also, I expected alot of history to be on display; I was ready to get my picture taken next to the Jackie Robinson statue (or even Tommy Lasorda’s) but, surprise, there weren’t any statues. It looked like a stadium that has been neglected, which, due to their money problems, I’m sure it has been.

There were two highlights to our Dodger stadium visit. First, this is the stadium where you actually want to be in the upper deck. You can walk around up there and have a great view of the field but you also get magnificent views of Los Angeles–it really is beautiful. Second, the Dodger Dog! I have to admit I was looking forward to trying one and, lucky us, it was Dollar Dodger Dog night! We had a party of six and left the concession stand with a tray stacked high with nine Dodger Dogs–loved ’em. The actual dog is two inches longer than the bun(on each end) and tastes great. I had two, my husband had two then went back for a third. Finally, after dealing with LA traffic for a week, I totally understand why Dodger fans arrive late and leave early. I really can’t fault them for that anymore.

Next up, Anaheim Stadium. This stadium is really beautiful. We arrived early and parked in their massive parking lot in front of the stadium. The park has a really nice impressive entrance made of huge baseball bats and balls. This is flanked by two gigantic red Angel caps. As you approach the entrance, you find that you are walking on an actual cement infield that includes everything: bases, coaches box, on deck circle, and a raised pitcher’s mound. Inside the stadium, the field is really pretty. I’ve always loved their rock waterfall in center field and it doesn’t disappoint in person with actual mountains in the background. We walked all the way around the stadium and while out in center field, you can get your picture with the backside of the rock waterfall, which features the rock ‘A’ and working waterfall.

Their 2002 World Series trophy is on display behind a glass case for all to see. We really enjoyed the overall vibe of this stadium. One real positive here is the emphasis on family friendly pricing. If purchasing 4 or more tickets (which we did) then you get ‘family fun pack’ that gives you the ticket at a discounted price and includes hot dog and drink. Now the Angel Dog is no Dodger Dog, but it was still good and even better because it was free! They also feature family fare souvenirs that won’t break your bank. Our son got a nice Angels t-shirt for 10 bucks. Still no statues to pose with (you’d think Rod Carew would be out front) but there are plenty of photo ops at this beautiful stadium.


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