All-Star Game….etc…

Thanks to some awesome NL pitching, Prince Fielder, and Hunter Pence, the NL will have home field advantage for the World Series. For everyone out there who thinks that is just so horrible–get over it. Before this they just alternated each year between leagues (so basically you only think that’s fair when your team is in the World Series and it also happens to be your leagues’ turn to have home field. Otherwise, it’s completely unfair! Like in 1991–because you know the Braves would have won that Series if they didn’t have to play 4 games in the Metrodump).

The Braves’ All-Stars played well. McCann applied the tag to Jose Bautista at home ( on the great throw from Pence). Earlier, Bautista made a great catch in right field on a deep foul ball that McCann hit. Jurrjens, Kimbrel, and Venters pitched in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings and allowed no runs–and looked good doing it. Then the Giants’ Brian Wilson came on and finished the game. I love me some “Beard”! Anytime a player gets the job done and makes me laugh at the same time–that’s cool. Does he actually dye that beard or does he just rub black shoe polish on it? Doesn’t matter–he’s one of my favorites.

The home run derby doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a manufactured event that lasts 3 hours(!) so it turns into a gabfest. I know MLB was trying to come up with its version of the NBA’s dunk contest(another tired event) but I just don’t like it. It means so little to me that I didn’t even turn it on this year. So what do I know–maybe it was super awesome this year.

I did watch the AAA All-Star game. There were 3 Gwinnett Braves playing: Gomez, Constanza, and Gartrell(who won the home run derby, woo hoo!). I also saw former Braves lefty, Chuck James, who was pitching for Minnesota’s farm team. And former Braves outfielder, Tommy Gregg, was a base coach for the Pacific League team. Unfortunately, this game was really minor league because they assigned the worst possible announcers for it, Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. You don’t realize how good Erin Andrews is at player interviews until you see someone like Millar stumble through one. I love MLB Network but I do not understand why they gave these two a show (Intentional Talk). Rose is like a smarmy frat boy and Millar is the redneck at the party that thinks everything that he says is hilarious and if he says it louder it’s even funnier. Plus he’s such a cliche “ex-ballplayer” with his blonde tips, faux hawk, and chin beard and stories from when he played. Lose the tips, get a shave and an adult haircut and actually do some research before you go on air–am I the only who feels this way about these two?


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