Craig Kimbrel earns final All-Star spot

The final replacement spot for the NL All-Star team was given to Braves RH closer, Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel finished the first half leading all of baseball with 28 saves and all relievers with 70 strikeouts. Kimbrel has a 2.35 ERA and hasn’t allowed a run in his past 14 appearances while going 10 for 10 in saves.

While I’m happy that a deserving Kimbrel made the team, I have to say that Tommy Hanson got totally hosed. Tommy is ranked #7 among all pitchers (AL & NL). He is 10-4 with a 2.44 ERA. Teams are batting .190 against him which puts him first among qualified NL starters. He has 109 strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.02. Bruce Bochy instead chose to select 3 starters from his own staff (Cain, Lincecum, & Vogelsong) who are each having a good year but not an All-Star year. I can accept Bochy picking 2 of these guys but not all 3 at Tommy’s expense.

Then we come to the Hamels replacement selection which would surely go to Hanson, right? Wrong–this one was a players’ (shudder) pick so next in line on their voting cards was Pirates RH Kevin Correia. Correia is 11-7 with a 4.01 ERA. Teams are hitting .270 against him. Are you kidding me? These are the same players who selected Scott Rolen with his .241 avg and 5 HR/36 RBI over Aramis Ramirez who’s batting .298 and has 99 hits, 15 HR, and 51 RBIs.

Oh well, hopefully next year Fredi Gonzalez will be selecting the team and he can right some wrongs.


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