Braves lose tough finale to Orioles

The Braves stumbled to one of their worst losses of the year Sunday, falling to the Orioles 5-4 in the series finale. Brandon Beachy struggled all afternoon, giving up 3 runs and 7 hits in only 5 innings of work. Worst of all, Orioles’ pitcher Zach Britton went 2-3 vs Beachy with a homerun. In spite of that, the Braves still had a good chance to win this game. In the 6th inning, the Braves mounted a 4 run comeback capped by Eric Hinske’s 2 run single. So we head to the 7th and you would think you would see Venters come in from the bullpen, right? He’s had 2 days off so he should be rested. Wrong–Fredi brings in my least favorite reliever, Scott Proctor. He gives up a hit and then up steps Mark Reynolds, the same Mark Reynolds who just hit 2 homeruns off of Tim Hudson fastballs. So naturally Proctor feeds him a fat fastball right down Peachtree that Reynolds promptly deposits in the outfield seats.

To add insult to injury, with 2 outs in the 9th Chipper works a 3-1 count only to be punched out by the umpire on 2 consecutive balls that were out of the strike zone. It was a bad end to a bad day.


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