Braves vs Padres-Game on the Green

OK, before I get to the actual game, I have to discuss the Braves’ latest promotion–The Game on the Green. I thought it was fantastic. It was held at Suwanee’s Town Center where they showed the game on an inflated screen on their stage. We arrived at 7:00 and we were still able to find a spot pretty much front and center. It was kind of like the Stone Mt laser show–no matter how crowded you can still find a spot. A nice live band played and then the Braves’ Heavy Hitters drum corps performed. There were food and drink vendors set up but you could also bring your own. Ray, of Star94’s Cindy & Ray, was the emcee and he kept things moving smoothly. During commercials, they had trivia questions, Napa cap shuffle, Name that Tune quizzes with prizes. Homer the Brave was there as were the Home Depot Tools–go ‘Lil Bit! They gave away Braves hats and tossed t-shirts. It was as close to being at a Braves game as you could get without actually being at Turner Field. I loved it; it was my ideal night out. I highly recommend that the Braves continue this promotion. As a Braves fan, it was a can’t miss night.

As far as the game goes, it was awesome too. Braves won 10-1. Jurrjens pitched 6 innings allowing only a solo homer to pick up his 10th win. Three times he allowed 2 on with no out and each time he was able to pitch around it. And-wait for it-Uggla had a great game! That was especially nice to see because the TV mike was picking up a Padre fan taunting Uggla by shouting .173 (Uggla’s avg) over and over and over. His homer shut that up. Everyone contributed on offense and the bullpen was stellar. Great game.


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