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I stayed up late Wednesday to watch the game–well, I didn’t see all of it because we were dealing with the same storm that caused the Braves rain delay so I was losing reception from DirecTV–but the less watched of that game the better. Another round of our offense sleep walking through the entire game and a less than stellar outing from Hudson. I expect Hudson to return to form soon as he recovers from back problems. Hopefully that won’t be an ongoing and lingering issue.

On Thursday, my family was on the road so we listened to Jim Powell and Mark Lemke call the game on the radio. Things were going well, Chipper hit a homer and we were up 6-2, then our station was all static so we turned it off. We get to our hotel, turn on the TV and it’s 7-6 Mets! I couldn’t believe it–I almost turned it off. I’m glad I didn’t though because after Venters gave up another run, Brooks Conrad came through with a clutch 2 run homer then Schafer scored from 3rd when the Mets pitcher balked while pitching to Heyward with 2 outs. I would’ve loved to have seen Jason come through with a huge game winning hit there but hey a win’s a win! I’ll take a balked in run any time, thank you very much.  Positives: Schafer went 5 for 6, scored 3 runs and raised his average to .256. I love the way he plays especially once he gets on base. He can steal a base and if he’s on second when someone gets a hit it’s almost a guarantee that he’ll score because he’s fast and he reads the ball well off the bat. My only concern is will he continue to hit? I hope so because he definitely causes problems for the other team once he’s on base.  Chipper went 3 for 4 with homer and 5 RBIs. That’s his 5th homer, 40th RBI and his average is .266. Heyward was 2 for 4 with a walk, his 15th RBI, and scored 2 runs. Kimbrel came in and held the line for an inning with 2 strikeouts to put his ERA @ 3.18.  Negatives: We scored 9 runs and Dan Uggla played absolutely no role in that whatsoever. He went 0 for 5 with a strikeout bringing his average to .174. Ouch–forget Mendoza, he’s in pitcher land.  Scott Proctor came in and promptly gave up a 3 run homer. Freeman had 2 strikeouts which is starting to be a real issue to me. He seems to be a real feast or famine guy–either he gets a hit or he strikes out, there’s no in between. I’d love to see him come up with a man on third and less than 2 outs and have him hit a nice sac fly or even a ground out RBI–just make contact!  Biggest negative: Chipper got hurt, strained his upper right thigh adductor muscle. He’ll be out a few days (at least). Also the Braves announced Hanson has a shoulder problem (tendinitis). Not good.

Friday night we went to the Braves/Rangers game. We would’ve had Tommy Hanson going but he’s been put on the DL so the Braves called up Randall Delgado from AA Mississippi. His line doesn’t look so good (4 innings, 4 runs, 7 hits, 2 walks) but he didn’t look that bad to me. He gave up a run in the second when he allowed 2 doubles but he got himself out of trouble there. Then in the 4th Conrad hurt him by making an error on a routine ground ball by the leadoff man. Then Delgado gives up a homer to Josh Hamilton and a hit by Beltre. That was it for Delgado. Martinez came in and poured gasoline on the fire by allowing 2 more hits that inning. So if Delgado had had a little more help from Conrad and Martinez things might have been different. He had 2 strikeouts and his fastball was around 92-95 mph. Once again we did next to nothing on offense. McCann hit a solo homer and Freeman hit a monster solo shot (along with 2 strikeouts, ugh). Heyward hit a laser double but he died on the vine. Schafer and Gonzalez also had 2 strikeouts. We made Colby Lewis (6-7, 4.80 ERA) look like a world beater.

Today we’re the Fox game at 4:10. Derek Lowe is on the mound for us. Unfortunately we’re facing a lefty in Matt Harrison which tends to be bad news for the Braves. Uggla was supposed to help us with dealing with left handed pitching but that’s just not happening.

One more thing about the Friday night game. When the game was over, while the grounds crew was working on the field prior to the Friday night fireworks, Josh Hamilton comes out still in uniform and walks down the 3rd base line and signed some balls and other autographs for some eager Rangers fans–I think he even took a picture with a fan. I thought that was really nice and it made me like him even more than I already did (he’s a cutie). It’s the little things that make all the difference to fans.

Go Braves!


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